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Lord, Our God, Please Hold Our Troops In Your Loving Hands.  Protect Them As They Protect Us. Bless Them And Their Families For The Selfless Acts They Perform For Us In Our Time Of Need. Please Bring Them Home Safely. Comfort Those Family Members Who Mourn The Loss Of A Loved One In The Service Of Our  Country.


O God Full Of Compassion, Grant Perfect Rest Beneath The Wings Of Your Presence To All Who Have Bravely Laid Down Their Lives For Our Country. Shelter Them Among The Holy And Pure Souls, O Source Of Compassion. Keep Them Near To You. May Their Souls Be Bound Up In The Bond Of Eternal Life.


God, Deepen Our Love For Our Country And Our Desire To Strive For The Values That Guide Us. Strengthen In Us The Power Of Self Sacrifice For The Welfare Of Our Nation And Our Fellow Citizens. May We Uphold The Good Name Of Our Country By Our Own Right Conduct And Public Service.


We Pray For All Those Who Hold Positions Of Leadership And Responsibility In Our National Life. Let Your Blessing Rest Upon Them, And Make Them Responsive To Your Will, So That Our Nation May Be An Exemplar Of Justice And Compassion To  All The World.


May We Soon Have Peace Throughout The World.  May The Vision Of Your Prophet Be Fulfilled; Nation Shall Not Lift Up Sword Against Nation, Neither Shall They Learn War Any More. Each Person Shall Sit Under Their Own Vine And Fig Tree, With None To Make Them Afraid.



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